Immersion Opportunity Proposal

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Provide an in-depth description of your opportunity. What do students need to know if they are considering your opportunity?
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Where is your opportunity offered?
Where will your on-campus opportunity be offered? Be as general or as specific as needed.
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When should the OIR publish the opportunity?
When should the OIR expire the opportunity?
How can a student apply to or learn more about your opportunity? Provide a URL if you have an online application or information; provide text if you do not.
What school(s) are sponsoring this opportunity? Select all that apply. Select 'Other' and specify other campus office, if applicable.
Please provide the name of the contact person who can answer questions about this opportunity.
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If students will develop additional skills not listed above, please describe them here.
If you would like to limit the students who are eligible for your opportunity, then describe it below (examples: academic level, limited to students in a major, prerequisites, etc.)
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This opportunity will be added to the database after it passes the appropriate school/college approval.